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Grammy Award winning George Whitty to produce groovy soundtrack for Pre’s People.

Pre’s People – History:

Steve Prefontaine remains the most iconic long-distance runner in U.S. track history. He set 14 American records in distances from 2,000 to 10,000 meters in the late 1960s and early 70s. Prefontaine’s gutsy style of running earned the admiration of fans and respect of competitors. He won 39 of 49 races in high school alone (including international meets), and in college became the first person to win four NCAA titles in one event. Pre fans were known as “Pre’s People.” This documentary is about the small, blue-collar town on the Oregon coast where Pre grew up-Coos Bay-and how it shaped him. With more than 50 interviews and photos and film footage never before released, this film tells Pre’s story through the people he grew up with, ran against, and inspired.

Pre’s People, Campaign 2:

Pre’s People is in post production stage. Now we are doing another fund raiser to hire Grammy Award winning George Whitty to write an original 1969ish vibe soundtrack. Check out more about George on his website: http://www.music.gwhitty.com

What We Need:

Any good documentary needs a great soundtrack. And we got the best music man in the business, George Whitty. Great music comes at a price, so we are looking at paying George to write and produce a 1969ish vibe soundtrack.

Risks & Challenges:

Making documentaries is hard work. Making Great documentaries is even harder. Pirate Films has been working hard on Pre’s People for the last four years. We have used our own blood sweat and tears to get to the post production stage. Now we are asking our audience to help us cross the finish line.

Other Ways You Can Help:

Contact me for other ways your can help: bradleyjenkins@gmail.com