Pre’s People

WaltMcClureWalt McClure
Marshfield High School Head Cross Country & Track Coach –
“I really had a lot of people that I felt were special. But he was certainly at the top of the list. We had good kids. They were just tough kids and took to coaching. They were wanting to see what they could do. I was very fortunate. He was a great young man.”
PhilPursianPhil Pursian
Marshfield High School Assistant Cross Country & Track Coach –
“One of the things that made Steve a good runner was that he was quick to accept the training requirements that were put before him and to carry them out to the best as he possibly could…even often do more than what was asked of him… push himself to a breaking point or fatigue point… And so those were morning workouts that for most kids was just jogging…they had an intensity to him.”
JayFarrJay Farr
Marshfield High School Teammate, Childhood Friend –
“If you were a friend of his, he was always your friend. The few times that I ran into him once he became more famous at U of O, he was always cordial and interested in what I was doing, we’d have a good talk and he was that way with all classmates whether they were athletes or not.”
TomHugginsTom Huggin
Marshfield High School Teammate, Friend –
“Maybe he was just intimidating to people that didn’t know him. He basically talked like a person that could never be defeated, not just physically but mentally. There was no way anyone could psych him out.”
RogerBinghamRoger Bingham
Marshfield High School & U of O Teammate, Friend –
“I think work ethic in Coos Bay was very, very strong. We were taught to use our hands, work hard. He had a good attitude and that continued to grow once he started to perform and believe in himself. A lot of athletes talk about how they are going to accomplish things and what they’ve done in their life, Steve Prefontaine just did it.”
RonAplingRon Apling
Marshfield High School Teammate, Friend –
“I think for Pre to set an American record for his fans in Coos Bay was immensely a big deal. He loved the crowd, he loved his roots from Coos Bay. He loved the working people atmosphere there. It was really important to him.” “There was something about Steve, he presented an aurora that’s different than most people. Just the presence he had, and I knew there was something special when I first met him. Then later on obviously we learned what that was.”
DougCrooksDoug Crooks
Pre’s High School Rival –
“There’s people who have run faster since then, but 40 years later, his legacy is still there because he was “real”. He was the real mccoy. He was honest, he was fair and he could beat the hell out of any body!”
MacMacIntoshMac MacIntosh
Marshfield High School Head Track Coach (current) & Teammate –
“Pre was special. We want to keep that distinction alive for our kids and we want to embrace that. When they wear Marshfield on their chest we want them to know that means something. It’s not just another high school. It’s not just another track and field team. It’s Pre’s team. They’re running and training on Pre’s track. We’re part of Pre’s legacy. We’re Pre’s people. There’s no other school that can claim that and we fight to keep that alive.